Thursday, August 17, 2017

Agar Art Contest 2017

Agar Art Contest
Submission Guidelines
1) You may use any organism(s), with any type(s) of agar, on any size or shape petri dish.
2) Art needs to have been Created safely in the appropriate Bio Safety Level environment for the organism(s) used. For more information, please consult ASM's Guidelines for Biosafety in Teaching Laboratories and the Appendix to the Guidelines.
3) Digitally untouched or minimally edited to improve clarity of the photo. No other artificial enhancements or manipulations (e.g. false coloring) are permitted.
4) Accompanied by a description that captures the attention of a general public audience, as well as explains key features of your piece, in 200 words or less.
5) Photos need to be high resolution JPEG (minimum 300 dpi)
6) Photos need to be uploaded to the Google Form by October 14, 2017

Cash prizes for the winning designs!