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2016 Annual Meeting

The 2016 Annual Meeting was held Saturday, 1 October 2016 at The University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Meeting booklet :

The meeting booklet is available as a PDF below. We've gone electronic this year - download or bookmark the booklet file, we will not have printed copies.
Meeting booklet (700Kbyte PDF)
Sponsors :

When :
Saturday, October 1st, 2016
Approximately 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Where :
McNeil Hall

Campus Map
Directions (via Google)
Parking map (PDF)
Park in the visitor's side of the deck, FF Lot, and S Lot

Acommodations :
For those of you who will be traveling the day before the meeting, or staying the night afterwards, there are many hotels in the general area,
We have reserved a block of rooms in the Hilton Garden Inn (Wilmington Mayfaire Town Center) at a reduced rate of $129/night (plus tax) if booked before September 21st. For more info, go to The group code is MICRO. (Call 910-202-5993)
We have also negotiated a reduced rate at the nearby Courtyard by Marriot. For more info, go to : The group code is UWMC. (Call 910-395-6422)
Registration and abstract submission :
If you intend to submit an abstract for a short talk or poster, you will need to register and submit your abstract by midnight, Friday September 23rd.
If you intend to participate in the meeting, but not present a short talk or poster, you should register online by Friday, September 23rd. Registration allows us to make sure we have food and supplies for the expected number of participants. But even if you don't register in advance, you will be able to register at the door at the beginning of the meeting.
We're sorry, pre-registration and abstract submission is now closed. You can still register at the door, but it is no longer possible to submit an abstract.
Payment :
The meeting registration and branch membership fee is $20. If you joined or renewed your NC Branch membership for 2016 via the ASM eStore (NOT the same as your national ASM membership) this year, then the membership portion of this fee ($10) is already paid. Registrants will receive a program, a box lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments, and the reception.
Standard Meeting Registration : $20
(includes 2016 NC ASM membership)
Meeting Registration for 2016 NC ASM Members : $10
(Branch membership paid at the ASM eStore)
Vendor Table Registration : $200
(Includes registration for table represpentatives)
Sponsor Registration
(Amounts vary)
Online payments are closed - please pay at the doorOnline payments are closed - please pay at the doorOnline payments are closed - please pay at the doorOnline payments are closed - please pay at the door
The Registration and membership fee is payable at the door, or you can save time at registration by paying in advance with PayPal or credit card (using PayPal).

Schedule :
The meeting will be a mixture of short talks and posters submitted by participants, free discussion time, a plenary speaker from the ASM Branch Speaker Program, an NC Invitational talk given by a regional microbiologist, and a final reception.
ASM Branch Lectureship Program Plenary Speaker
Karl Klose
Professor, Universty of Texas-San Antonio

Dr. Klose's lab is interested in bacterial pathogenesis -- how bacteria cause disease. Dr. Klose has worked most extensively with Vibrio cholerae, the bacterium that causes cholera, and is also researching Francisella tularensis, the bacterium that causes tularemia, or rabbit fever.
Cholera is found only where there are widespread problems with sanitation, so improving water and food supplies would eliminate the disease. Since that is unlikely to occur, a safe, cheap, effective vaccine is needed that would protect people. To design such a vaccine, the lab is addressing questions such as: How does V. cholerae know that it is in a human body and that is the place to express genes necessary for its survival and disease potential? What are the genetic factors responsible for V. cholerae to cause disease? How does this organism persist in aquatic environments, which lead to human infection?
Very little is known about F. tularensis or about tularemia. It is a highly virulent organism and can easily be aerosolized, so it is classified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a Category A select agent with the highest potential to be used as a biological weapon. The lab is working to identify genetic factors responsible for F. tularensis to cause disease and to develop suitable vaccine candidates to protect against tularemia infection. 
NC Invitational Speaker
Helen Lazear
Asst. Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill

Arthropod-borne viruses (e.g. West Nile, dengue, Zika, chikungunya, and La Crosse viruses) face unusual biological and evolutionary constraints due to their cycling between arthropod vectors (e.g. mosquitoes, ticks) and vertebrate hosts (e.g. humans, birds, horses). Many arboviruses pose a significant threat to human and animal health, and this impact is expected to grow as climate change, urbanization, and global trade alter the interactions between humans and arthropod vectors, making arbovirus infections prime examples of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.
Our goal is to understand the innate immune mechanisms that restrict arbovirus pathogenesis. The interferon system is a critical early antiviral response in vertebrates and involves many interferon subtypes signaling through shared receptors to induce antiviral gene expression programs. Our research aims to distinguish the unique properties of different interferons and the mechanisms by which they control viral infections.
Elections :
The meeting will include a brief business meeting, including the election of new officers, over lunch.
If you would like to nominate someone or volunteer to run for office, please feel free to do so by email to Jim Brown.
Presentation Awards :
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Organizing Committee :
Art Frampton (President-elect)
Wrennie Edwards (President)
Ece Karatan (Past-President)
James W. Brown (Secretary)
Contact :
Art Frampton
Associate Professor
Department of Biology and Marine Biology
University of North Carolina-Wilmington
Dobo Hall 110
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5915
Phone : (910) 962-2643