2020 Meeting


Saturday, 24 October 2020 

NC ASM Goes Virtual!

Saturday, October 24th, 2020

Virtual Meeting hosted by the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP)


Registration :

UPDATE! Registration is now free for Undergraduate Students! 
Undergraduate Students: If you have already paid for the registration, then your fee will be refunded after the event.

To register, please click here
Advanced Registration for the meeting is $10.
Pre-Registration closes on October 16, 2020 at 05:00 pm EDT.

Registration includes the following:
1. Meeting Registration
2. Membership to the NC Branch of the American Society for Microbiology

You will need to pay for your registration (via PayPal) before you are able to submit this registration form. After registering for the meeting through PayPal, you will be directed to a receipt page that includes a Receipt Number or Transaction ID. You will need to include this number in the form below to complete your registration.

*If you are paying for multiple registrations on a single PayPal transaction, please make sure that all registrants fill out a separate Registration Google Form, and include the Transaction ID associated with that bulk purchase.

If you will be presenting an abstract (poster/talk), you will need to complete an additional, separate, abstract submission form (https://forms.gle/HQxCKahpbc1h7bzh7). Abstract submissions are due October 11, 2020.

Information for presenters :

         Submit an abstract here
Abstracts are due by October 11, 2020. We will try an accommodate your preference on presentation format (Talk/Poster). We will notify you by October 13, 2020 if we are unable to accommodate an oral presentation.

Abstracts need to be submitted as PDF documents and are limited to one total page. Abstracts that exceed one page will not be accepted.

In order to submit an abstract you need to have completed, and paid for, the meeting registration (https://forms.gle/WgPb9DVVb5xRyeyc9). You will be asked at the bottom of this form to include your PayPal payment confirmation to complete your abstract submission.

All abstracts must abide by the following guidelines in order to be accepted:
    • Title
    • All authors (including co-authors) and author institution affiliations
    • No Images should be presented in the abstract
    • The abstract should contain a hypothesis, objective or statement about the problem under investigation.
    • The abstract should contain a brief statement of the experimental methods/methodology used.
    • Essential results must be present in summary form (even if preliminary). 
    • The abstract should contain a conclusion that explains how the work contributes to the hypothesis, objective or statement of problem.

All abstracts will be published online on the NC-ASM web-site.

Schedule :
Coming soon!

Elections :
The Executive Board meeting will be held during lunch, and will the election of new officers. If you would like to nominate someone or volunteer to run for office, please feel free to do so by sending an email to elections@northcarolinaasm.org.

Presentation Awards :

2020 Meeting Contact:

Devang 'Danny" Upadhyay, University of North Carolina, Pembroke:  devang.upadhyay@uncp.edu